85. Wisdom Beyond Logic                               a discussion on wisdom & logic

84. YOUR LOST TREASURE                                                    real life eye opener 

83. The Billionaire Bhakt – Alfred B Ford_____________________faith & devotion

82.DEATH IMPOSSIBLE_________________________________                analysis

81. LOVE______________________________________________a short story

80. GOOD AND EVIL_____________________a discussion on phenomenal reflection

79. The Man who Created Another World                         facts of Love and Undaunted-Spirit

78. BE AWARE                                                                                  our pleasures and pitfalls

77. WAR – WIN OR OWN?_________Ho Chi Minh City born on the pyres of Saigon !

76. PAUL SMITH : MIND OVER MATTER                            a real-life story of will and determination

75. RESOURCES BELONG TO THE SOCIETY                                         a real life story of RATAN TATA – one of the richest man on earth.

74. SOMETIMES                                                                                            a poem by BEV.H

73. EARLY DEATH                                         world’s Top 10 places are destined for Early Death

72. ANGELS AWARE                                                                                 poem by ‘BEV H’

71. THE ANGEL ON EARTH                                  a Mini-Tale that may rekindle our memory

70. FOCUS IN SILENCE                                          multiplicity of desires lead to un surity

69. JUST BREATH                                                                                           brief on breathing

68. EXPLORE THY ENERGIES                                                                 science on ‘self ‘

67. Mysterious Cave Churches and Monastries                                         picture posts

66. MOUNT KAILASH                              faith and findings about Mount Kailash in Tibet.

65. THE PASTOR’S ASS !                                                             a short tale of turning-point

64. A LITTLE PRAYER                                                               a poem on a little girl’s prayer

63. THREE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.                          interconnectedness at Super-Conscious state

62. PATH ON THE ‘TAO’                      a story about how the ‘truth’ fills in when we are totally void within.

61. Cradle of Creation                                                               Poem on hope and aspirations

60. DREAM YOU CAN’T DREAM-2                                                     ‘real-life’ story of faith.

59. ESSENCE OF PRAYER.                                                           all about innermost essence of prayer

58. To Remember…?                                                                                   Poem on self-identity

57. Tony Tweets With Eyes                                                           Technology helped Tony with ‘Locked-in Syndrome’

56. Newton’s Problem Solved                                                Indian boy of 16, solved 350yrs old Mathematical problem…

55. Spare a Thought                                                                                      Biggest emitter of ‘green-house-gases’

54. PRAYER IS THE CRY OF A SOUL                            All about prayer; honouring & offering everything to Divine.

53. DREAM YOU CAN’T DREAM-1                                            ‘real-life’ story-call it a miracle !

52. Only Battle To Win                                            ‘Poem’ – peace & freedom only battle to win.

51. Mirror of Myth                                                   the Infinite can not be captured in the Finite

50. That person is ME                                                 we are a combination of spirit & matter

49. ELIXIR OF LIFE                                                                    Don’t worry; you are not demented – just dehydrated !

48. You are Unique                                                                     No one can take your place – Poem

47. THE LAST GREAT WILDERNESS.                                                     We are the most dangerous species on earth

46. Wish Beautiful Day                                                                                O ! seedless soul…a Poem

45. Earth Day-Mothers Day                                   Introspection….Is’t not the mother crying in silence

44. MEHER BABA                                                                       “He is my child, he will create great sensation on earth…”

43.PRACTICES OF THE PROPHET                            The ‘Quran’ does not command muslims to prevent others…

42. GOLDEN GLITCH                                       Summer in Peterberg/Lake turns Gold ;  – a poem

41.EPITOME OF ETERNAL WORLD                                                           there is more blood-bath in the name of religion….

40. THE BLAZING BILLIONAIRE                      ‘.Swami Vivekanand’ – the spiritual billionaire

39. WE EXPECT WEATHER , BUT GET CLIMATE !                                      are we doing enough to help save this Small-World ?

38. MY ILLUSION                                                          a ‘Poem’ on the illusory journey called Life

37. “PRAYER AS A WILD GOOSE CHASE”                                        rituals are neither essential nor necessary – says Meher Baba

36.IF I COULD…                                                                                a ‘Poem’ on Call from ‘Within’

35. NO ONE CAN CREATE RELIGION                                                          why can’t we follow our own ‘inner-religion’

34. ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATION                                                 Sanctity of human life must be respected

33. FOR ME…                                                      – selfish senses plague the humanity’  –  a Poem’

32. LESSON OF LOVE                                               eternal love transcends all negative aspects.

31. NEIL ARMSTRONG                                                                               five lessons from his life

30. SALUTATION OF THE DAWN                                                look well to this day.  –  a Poem

29. THE EARTH ON THE BRINK                                                 we are responsible to push the earth over the brink

28. THE KARMIC LAW                                              “We need to follow the golden-rule.” – Beverly Hollabaugh  –  a Video

27. THE FUTURE I WANT                                             by 17yr old Brittany Trilford on Earth-Day @ UN  –  a Video

26. MIND OF THE WORLD                                                            breathe free my fears – a Poem

25. IT MATTERS…                                                                             It all come to an end someday

24. ENEMY WITHIN..                                      penultimate destruction of this unique process !

23. CLEAN YOUR PLATE, SAVE THE WORLD ?                     But do not waste your foods Save the World

22. SAVIOR OF THE SEED                                                                                           Women’s Day 

21. FAITHFUL SAVIOR                                                         that I am not my own, but belong

20. HUMANITY HONORED                                  distinguished citizen of the ‘Small-World’

19. HELP SURVIVE                                                                                   .the future of humanity

18. HOPE FOR A BETTER WORLD                                                     His Holiness Dalai Lama

17. Silenced the world for 5 minutes                                         at 12 she silenced the United Nation’s Earth Summit

16. MERRY CHRISTMAS                                                                                    Christmas Wishes

15. ” GUIDE TO A BETTER LIFE “                       sharing some simple but important massages

14.PLEASE REMEMBER                                                                    9/11 – Twin Tower – America

13. THE TEACHER                                                              a hall of fame for humanity – Brooker T

12. PERENNIAL PURITY                                                                                               beyond words

11. INDIA RUNS AFTER “BHARATVARSA”                                        civil disobedience movement

10. ” THE BIRTH OF INDIA’S FREEDOM “                                  was the Independence a docile dead-night delivery..!!

9. OWNERSHIP !                                                                            pungent punch from a columnist

8. ” RAMADAN “                       period of meditation, contemplation, introspection and self-improvement.

7. REMEMBER YOU                          a meeting point in this sojourn of life, may be a ‘turning-point’

6. Life is Beautiful                           when life gives lemon, take some sugar, make a lemonade

5.FRAGRANCE-OF-FRATERNITY                     Because I had foreshaken unity with Thee

4. ENTITY !                                                               how many of us were called into this world ?

3. About Me

2. Glad to be here                                           This is a world so small, so win in the infinite expanse of our being……..!

1. IT’S A SMALL-WORLD                                                                 welcome to the Small-World

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